Comcast customer support is stupid

Ok so let’s say your phone number is 415-555-1234, but you live in a 916 area code.

If you call 1800COMCAST, with your phone, they will automatically detect that your phone number is a 415 area code and transfer you to the 415 call center.

The computers at the 415 call center pulls up your account and realize you live in the 916 area code and tells you to call the 916 call center phone number, gives you the number, then hangs up on you.

You call that number, the 916 call center computer answers and detect that you are calling from a 415 area code phone.

They immediately tell you to call the 415 call center and proceeds to give you that number.

Now you are stuck in a Comcast customer service infinite loop.

They are a multi-billion dollar company and some how their programmer is too fucking retarded to realize this little conundrum?

I told them about this and they actually told me to block my caller ID before calling them so the computer won’t detect it. Then when it asks for a number, put in a random number with the correct area code.

Wtf? Why do I have become a spoofer just to get some customer service??