Half man half tree

OK, this is definitely the strangest thing I have EVER seen in life. Not ONE of the strangest, it IS THE strangest.

This dude has warts growing all over his body. For some reason, these warts look like a freaking tree branch. This is absolutely, jaw dropping, crazy! I still can’t believe what I just saw.

  • isSa

    interesting video! I think he might be contaminated with some sorta of fungi that has a symbiotic relationship with its host.

  • kimyen

    I saw this on tv!!! He was infected with some virus and his immune system was practically non-existent, so he couldn’t fight it off. I didn’t get to watch the whole show, but I think the medical professionals did come to a conclusion of what it is, and hopefully had been able to cure/treat him.

  • phadtz

    OMG..i watched this programme lastnite on channel 9 & farrr out..how freaky is that..poor dude..hope all goes well with the medication from the states!!!