sappy Asian love stories

I have this sick fondness for sappy Asian movies about love. You know, the kind of movies about undying, unbreakable love. The kind of love where the guy rather stabs himself in the heart than hurt the woman he loves. Or the kind where two people love each other and spend all day dreaming about each other, but circumstances keep them apart so they save them self indefinitely for that one person.

That’s why I am up at 1:30am. I was watching this Japanese movie about two sparing tribes who had members who love each other. In the end the dude basically killed himself because he didn’t want to have to kill the girl. Then the girl plucked out her eyes. Yea… don’t ask me why…

Anyways, I guess I like these movies because they are close to my own heart. I live in this weird world where love is everything. If I was a fierce Samurai, a good hearted Mafia member, or a skilled soldier I would be a lead character in some really sappy movies. But sadly, I am just a computer geek who has an unhealthy appetite for crawfish…

  • roni

    hello my name is roni i was wondering um how come the girl plucked out her eyeballs and i know it said not o ask but when i wonder about things it keeps bugging me alll night and i really really wantto know y the girl did what she did like she wasnt going to die was she

  • Anonymous

    her eyes had special powers. so she had to pluck them out to save her people. which is the wish of dead lover.. which she killed. yup.

  • theguy

    what movie was that?