undersea cables

We live in a world filled with technological magic. I say magic because not many of us actually know how the technology we use everyday work. If something was to happen to all the smart people in the world, the remaining people would be no better off than a caveman with a rock. Actually, they’d be worst off because at least the caveman knows how to use that rock to kill something.

Seriously, think about it. If lets say you traveled back in time to the middle ages, what could you possibly share with those people to make their lives any different? Can you show them how to make a telephone? Help them build a car? Hell, would you even know how to teach them to make soap?

Honestly, you’d be pretty damn useless.

Today I was reading about undersea cables. It is freaking amazing to me that the information gateway of our society, the internet, is nothing more than a mess of cables laid across the world’s oceans. Seriously, have you ever wondered about that? Have you ever thought that the reason you can go online and chat with some random chick in China is because there is a fat cable somewhere out there running across the ocean floor??

It’s extremely mind blowing… we’ve sent a man to the moon, cured countless diseases, and build a snowpark in the middle of the desert (Dubai), yet we rely on cable laid across the oceans for communication…..

I just don’t get it.. How does the cable survive the forces of nature? sea creatures? vandalism? How long is this cable? Does it break often? Why can’t we use satellites instead? I thought that’s the reason why we have satellites? Isn’t that how our cell phones work?

Cables… under the sea??? wtf… I would make a horrible engineer… I’d fall off my chair every time I learn something new about how things work…