let’s talk about penises

This is by far, the most enlightening commentary on penises I have ever read. It is scientific? Probably not. It is true? I sure hope so.

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The chart also doesn’t take into consideration the various size preferences among different races. For example, asian women tend to be shallower and would scream in pain from having her cervix pounded by a big guy who doesn’t know how to use his tool, while african women tend to have a greater vaginal depth and just will not be vaginally aroused by a guy who is not long enough to hit all the right spots.

Though it is taboo to discuss, the relative difference in penis size versus vaginal depth among the different races is why asian men are the least desirable men in America while black women are the least desirable women in America in terms of attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Also, you will see asian women dating just about every race but you will almost never see asian men dating outside their race, not because they don’t want to, but because white women, black women, and latino women won’t date them. Furthermore, you rarely see black women dating outside their race, while you see black men hooking up with anything with a pulse.

Last but not least, with respect to Latinos who are of mostly siberian asian descent, the same racial preferences apply as with asians in that you will see latino women dating all races, but rarely see latino men date outside their race (though it is more common than with asian men since most Latinos have some European ancestry).

Fortunately, the standard deviation in size differences across various ethnic groups is only about an inch. Asian men on average are about 5 inches in length while African men on average are about 6 inches in length. Caucasians lie in between at about 5.5 inches in length so the perceptions of penis size among different races is vastly larger than the reality. If a guy is unhappy with his size, he can easily add an inch or two or sometimes even more through a dedicated NPE program (NPE == Natural Penis Enlargement). However, due to it being unbecoming of a man to walk around with a bulge in his pants to show off his manhood while women where tight shirts showing off their boobs, it is kind of hard for an asian guy with a larger than average package to show off his stuff so many women will automatically assume he has a tiny weiner while thinking every black guy has a 10 inch thunderbeast.

Unfortunately due to porn where surgically enhanced penises, camera tricks using a wide-angled lens, as well as genetic freaks of nature, have pushed the penis size myths even farther into the mainstream than anything else in history and sadly many men are judged by women of all races in terms of their potential prowess in bed by the color of their skin. Yes, there are statistical differences in penis size among different ethnic groups, but the differences are small enough that asian men would likely be shunned far less often by the opposite sex if not for the gross misconceptions about their penis size.