swimming in a sea of misinformation

The more news I watch, hear, read, the more I get worried that there is really no such thing as “news”. In this world, no one wants to just present the facts. Or when they do present facts, it’s only the facts that proves their point.

When I go to this Japaneses place for lunch, they always have FOX News on. It makes me sad. It makes me wonder how much of the crap that is spewed out by FOX News is taken in by these people. I bet they don’t even realize how bias and misleading FOX News is. To them, it’s just the “news”, so they watch it.

For now, I trust NPR for unbiased news, and I read blogs and web comments to see differing view points.

I guess it comes down to your core morals and values. Regardless of what happened, or how others choose to interpret the events, it is up to you to decide between what is wrong and right.

Although I admit, it is hard to know what direction to head in, when you are drowning in a sea of misinformation.