Going to the dentist sucks

I think going to the dentist is God’s way of reminding us that no matter how great you think your life on earth is, it really ain’t that great.

The pain and misery of being in total control by a man, who makes you hold your mouth open, while he pokes you with a needle should be something reserved for prisons, not something you have to pay for.

As I was sitting there getting poked and proded, I dreamed of a way to just replace all my teeth with fake teeth. Seriously, I would not mind having ALL fake teeth that I do not have to worry about. As long as they are reliable and don’t have any strange health effects, I would without hesitation, replace all my real teeth with fake ones.

I would even consider covering my entire mouth in some sort of protective barrier like gold or something. If someone tells me that covering my teeth in gold would mean no cavities for life, I would consider it. Although, having gold teeth does make you look like a dumbass.

Teeth…some kind of cruel joke from heaven…

  • GuitarDude232

    i hate the dentist. i don’t see the point of it. they ask you if you flossed like a million times and the light hurts. all they do is poke you and waste time. I HATE THEM ALL!!!!!

  • Daniel

    god i hate the dentist too! i gotta go to it soon cause i just decovered a tiny hole in my tooth and poked it and it hurt like crazy but yeah the dentist sucks

  • Anonymous

    omg, i agree with you guys totally! you sooooo should not have to pay for tortue like the dentist. this one lady wanted me to chew 56 pieces of gum in a week and i was like you belong in an insane assylum.