Japan launches Internet satellite

Last week I was in a heated “debate” with my friend Chris about the availability of WiFi internet. I suggested that maybe the reason why we do not have WiFi internet available in any major city is because the big corporations lobby hard to suppress the building of such infrastructure.

Free WiFi internet would mean the end of Cable/DSL connections, translating to billions of lost revenue. It is not hard to believe that Comcast and ATT would spend millions of dollars shooting down the idea of free WiFi internet available to everyone.

A couple weeks prior to that, I was talking to Nghiem about why is it that we still rely on “undersea cables” to transmit internet/phone connections. In my mind, that is the technological equivalent to using a typewriter. Nghiem explained that “undersea cables” are the best option we currently have.

Today I read this article: Japan launches Internet satellite.

It really excites me because it is the answer I was looking for. Satellite internet will eliminate “undersea cables”, and satellite internet means affordable and fast internet connections for everyone!

Bravo Japan, Bravo.