Alaskan Pollock

Watching a History Channel special on “Alaskan Pollock” fishing makes me never want to eat fish sticks again. I am going to try to avoid eating fish paste products from Japan and McDonald fish filet sandwiches.

Why? Well, I don’t like seeing how they put a giant a$$ net down on the ocean floor and pull up thousands of fishes. Then the fishes are dumped indiscriminately into a giant tank where they are sorted and packed.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not anywhere near to being one of those “organic” only, yoga doing, vegetarians. But just the thought of eating something so “passively” produced takes the joy out of the food.

But I know my pledge is pointless. Everything we eat nowadays is mass produced and indiscriminately created in some big factory somewhere. If I really wanted to avoid those products, I would starve to death or left eating my toe nails — which is probably the only thing I can grow naturally and harvest myself.

This reminds of how on Star Trek they always complain that they have to eat “artificial” food (or whatever the hell they call it). But the way I see it, eating “artificial” food is not a problem of the future, we are doing it right now. Everything we eat is just what “used” to be food. By the time it gets to our table, it is just a representation of what it was.

Anyways, I guess I am lucky to live in the Central Valley. At least around here I get some good locally grown fruits and veggies. :) Can’t wait till the summer time to go to the u-pick farms…

Oh yah… I am also glad I am not dying from hunger. I guess fish paste is better than starvation…