I hate dirty yellow toilets

This history channel special on “toilets” is one of the most interesting piece of television I have seen in weeks, and more informative and unbiased than the entire existence of Fox News (take that!).

Funny fact: The guy who invented one of the first modern toilet is named “Thomas Crapper”. The narrator had the galls to say “While crapper was making a name for himself…” :)

Funnier fact(maybe?): In Asia mostly everyone is right handed because back in the days you reserve your left hand to wipe your ass. LOL. :)

Have you ever been to a friend’s house, and their toilet is completely yellow? Or, is your toilet yellow? I don’t think they make yellow toilets… Disgusting… How do people live like that?? My toilet is white… You can come see for yourself if you don’t believe me…

This is partly because I have resulted to just sitting down. Yea, the idea sounds ultra (insert bigot statement here), but I can’t aim for shit, so I might as well save myself the trouble of having to clean afterwards. The only problem with sitting down to piss, is that you end up wanting to take a “crap” too. How do girls do it??

Speaking of “crap”, I wonder why they have not invented a toilet with a vacuum system that sucks the stink in. Seriously, why let the stink escape into the air around you… Why not put he vacuum right in the toilet, so that it sucks the stink right as it comes out of your cake hole. I should invent this and become rich! I will call the technology the Vinhner. One day people will say. I gotta take a “Vinh”. That sir, would be awesome!!!