Like Minded People

After reading news articles, watching TV, or just talking to my friends about anything controversial, it always makes me incredibly frustrated. Frustrated because there never seems to be a right answer, a unifying idea, or at the very least, a best choice.

Take for example, the battle over who should be the next president. Obama? Clinton? McCain? Or the controversy surrounding the China Olympics. Should China be punished for the way they govern? Or should we leave China alone and learn to clean up our act before pointing the finger? Better yet, can we decide once and for all what came first? The chicken, or the egg?

To be frank, I am getting tired of having to deal with other people’s opinion. I get sick of having to make compromises with other people because they don’t agree with me. Hell, I am annoyed that we always drink “Orange Dream Machine” at Jamba Juice because that’s the only flavor my girlfriend likes!

Anyways… My point is, I think we should use the internet as a tool to unite like minded people. And I am not simply talking about a forum for car-hobbyist, Hillary Duff fan club, or foot-fetish. I am specifically talking about using the internet as a way to connect people from around the world who think EXACTLY, or close to EXACTLY, alike.

Seriously, I would love to meet another person who thinks and act just like me: a pompous jackass with an insatiable thirst for coconut juice! That way we can form a special group and sit around agreeing, and complementing each other all day… I don’t know about you, but sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than sitting around arguing with people because they can’t see things from your point of view.

Now, I do realize that the idea of forming a perfect group of people is Hitler-Nazi and KKK like, however, my idea is different in that my groups of like-minded-people are intended for sharing of ideas and NOT to be used as a form of “elitism” or superiority. The group is NOT about being better than others, but it is about being with people who can understand what you are saying, and can honestly put themselves in your shoe.

Many of you are probably going to say, “Vinh, you’re an idiot, that’s what friends are for. Don’t be all spastic just because you don’t have any friends…” But no, that is not true. A friend, family member, significant other, or even a spouse, is not necessarily the kind of person that you can be like-minded with. Take me and my girlfriend for example, we disagree on so so so so so so many things. If our relationship was based on compatibility, we would be two strangers on bus heading in opposite directions.

Ideally, people in your group of like-minded-people would be like an exact replica of you thought process wise. You would agree on political issues, order the same plates in a restaurant, and most of all, you should definitely know the answer to the question… “Are you a wader? (as in toilet paper)”

Anyways, I can’t wait until something like this exists on the internet for me for find my like-minded-people. Or maybe, if I was smart enough, I could create the site to help people find their like-minded counterpart. Either way, I think we should hurry with the development. It will save me a lot of frustration listening to people around me giving all sorts of bull crap I don’t agree with.