Today I ran over a dog

I was driving down one of those roads where there are no residential houses near by, then BAM! suddenly a little dog ran out in front of my car. I must have struck that poor little thing in the leg for something, because it started spinning in circles and crying.

The sad part is, I was thinking about my dog at the time and how I want to get home ASAP b/c I left it alone all morning.

Shocked, and not knowing what to do, I frantically called my girlfriend. To be honest, if it wasn’t for her (unhealthy) affection for animals of all kind, I would have probably pretended I didn’t see the dog and drove off. ( Yea I know, I am horrible… )

But being the new improved me, I took the dog to the Vet. They immediately began checking it and giving it xrays etc… I sat around for almost an hour while they did that. I also said yes to paying $150 for the examination.

Luckily for me, when the vet contacted the owner, she agreed to pay for the charges, so the Vet allowed me to go home.

Although I feel bad for hitting the poor dog, I blame all this on the dog’s owner. It is highly irresponsible to let your dog run around all day while you are off at work. They told me that this is NOT the first time this dog has ran off. I wish people would be more careful with their pets so that I don’t end up hurting another poor animal.