Unrealistic Craigslist Ads

After paying 15******* income, I am down about $17,000 for the year. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided to give myself a raise.

So for the past few days I have been cruising Craigslist for new employment opportunities. Here are a couple things I noticed about Craigslist job posting that is really annoying:

1) “+5 years experience” – For some random job that any high school kid can do.

2) AJAX, RIA, YUI, OO, DOJO, JSON, RSS, XML, ATOM, CSS, XHTML, HTML, PHP, SQL, SVN, LAMP, SEO blah blah blah blah blah… Ok seriously, is this suppose to frighten me away, or is it some sort of test to determine if I am worthy?

3) A 5 paragraph description of the company – Ummm ok? WTF.. Your company obviously has a freaking website, why don’t you just link it and keep your posting to the point??

4) “Implement SQL to achieve efficient, orderly, analytical, and systematic database transaction to further enhance the integrity of our site” – Why such a long paragraph that doesn’t seem to say anything?

I like postings that get to point, and shows that he company actually KNOWS what they are talking about. If it was up to me, my posting would be something simple like this:

“New Startup Seek Web Designer, Send Portfolio Link Here:”

Bam… you’re done. If a responder cannot provide a portfolio link, obviously that person doesn’t fit the bill….

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