My fruity website

Yesterday I officially launched this new fruity blog. I found this design after searching hopelessly for hours. I wanted something “earthy” and fun. This design fits that criteria, but the rainbow in the background makes it oh so gay… ( nothing wrong with that… )

Anyways… The new design is due to my transition from Nucleus CMS to WordPress. I had to write a PHP script to export all my old Nucleus entries into WordPress format. That was fairly painless, and I should publish that script to the Nucleus community someday.

This is also the reasn why I have not written in my blog in hella days….

During the move, I have decided to drop by wiki, since it was hard to update the wiki, and the wiki format is just hard to use when it comes to social networking with my readers. Dropping the wiki means that I will lose some of the most highly trafficked pages on my website. I will try to recover some of that lost traffic by re-posting those wiki pages on to my blog and praying that goggle will index them again.

I could do some crazy rewrite hackery to make things ‘just as they were’, but I am way too lazy to do that…