10 Easy Ways to Conserve the Environment

1) Change a Light Bulb

One compact fluorescent bulb lasts as long as 13 regular bulbs and uses 75% less energy. They are also cheaper to buy. Raleys and Ace Hardware has these for less than $3 dollars for 4 mini bulbs.

2) Stop junk mail

Visit this page to take your name off the junk mail list. Reducing junk mail will help save trees used in paper production.

3) Turn off your computer

When you leave the office, turn off your computer. At least turn off your monitor. It may be little, but if we all do it, it can add up to a lot. Screen savers DO NOT conserve energy because the screen is still on. You have to physically turn the monitor off.

4) Bring your own cup

Bring your own cup to work or the coffee store. Reducing the use of disposable products can go a long way in preserving the environment.

5) Wash With Warm Water

You do not need to wash your clothes in hot water. Use warm or cold water instead, to conserve that energy for something else.

6) Bring your own bag

Do you really need all those plastic bags you get at the grocery store? Why not bring your own bag and carry your grocery in them. I know it sounds strange because we are so accustomed to being given bags at the grocery store, but it would help reduce a lot of waste if we bring our own reusable bags to the supermarket. If not, at LEAST recycle those plastic bags before you throw them away. Grocery store plastic bags can serve a second life as garbage bags, doggie bags, and lunch bags. Doing this will also help you save tons of money!

7) Use less water

This starts with turning off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth, and ends with reducing the amount of water used on your lawn. In neighborhoods across America, people love to own a small, green, perfectly trimmed plot of grass all year round. Even in the deserts of Las Vegas, lawns are bright green from the constant sizzle of the front yard sprinklers. If you want to be environmentally friendly, perhaps you can help by reducing the amount of water used on your lawn. Learn to take care of it properly and understand just how much water you need to keep it nice and green, but don’t over do it. Just think, what good is your nice lawn if there are no more trees in this world?

8) Turn down the AC

Its nice to be at constant temperature thorough the day, but that comfort comes at an environmental cost. You’d be surprised how nice it can feel to sleep with an extra blanket instead of paying extra on your energy bill.

9) Buy Local

Pesticides and other chemicals used in agriculture production is not only harmful to the environment, it can also be harmful to your health. Buy locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. They often taste a lot better and are a healthy alternative to mass produced vegetations.

10) Spread the Word

If there is only one thing that you can do to help the environment, do this: tell your friends. The more people are aware of problems plaguing the environment, the more changes we can make – together – to improve things. Next time, before you open your conversation with who was on American Idol, reserve a couple of minutes to discuss what YOU did to help protect your environment, YOUR WORLD.

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    conserving environment is the best way to protect our planet,so i think d people who cannot do much efforts can just follow these simple 10 points n they should do that!

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    Don’t have kids. Overpopulation is the main problem. Children create carbon dioxide. Plastic containers from toys pollute the earth. You’d have to feed the kids, too, and deforestation takes place when farms are created and expanded.  Whenever a toilet is flushed, it gets filtered by a water filtering plant… the clean water gets reused, but the waste gets dumped into the ocean.

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    children r not only causing problems heather…even man is polutting our earth… so not only children but adults should also conserve the earth…
    u no wht the main thing the adults can stop…it is smoking!!! im very ashamed to say tht im a girl because even now girls and women r smoking.. i wish all the people could read this way of conseving our dearest earth…

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    not only children but even men r doing it!!!

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    Let us not be selfish; Conserve our Environment, Save water, Save Trees, Save biodiversity and Save our home planet Earth  

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