Garbage in Venice Italy

I was reading a story about Sweden importing garbage from Italy and it reminded me of the weird garbage problem I saw in Venice. They had a small market square next to our hotel. In the day time, vendors set up shops to sell trinkets. Like everything in Venice, it was close to a waterway.… Continue reading Garbage in Venice Italy

Vietnam 2011

Before I forget, I want to jot down my experience visiting Vietnam for 3 weeks. To dissolve my reputation as a negative person, I will start this by listing four positive impressions I had of Vietnam: Halong Bay is easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. The shrub covered rocks… Continue reading Vietnam 2011

The Great Garbage Patch

Every time I order a cup of coffee, hold a grocery store plastic bag, or use a disposable fork, I think about The Great Garbage Patch (aka The Great Pacific Garbage Patch): A massive pile of microscopic trash choking the fragile life of the world’s ocean. Regardless of what your political or religious beliefs are,… Continue reading The Great Garbage Patch

One coffee cup at a time

Today, I bought myself a new coffee mug because I want to cut back on using disposable cups. After watching a documentary on the big gyro of plastic waste floating around in our oceans ( aka “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” ), it really freaks me out to think about how many disposable coffee cups… Continue reading One coffee cup at a time