One coffee cup at a time

Today, I bought myself a new coffee mug because I want to cut back on using disposable cups. After watching a documentary on the big gyro of plastic waste floating around in our oceans ( aka “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” ), it really freaks me out to think about how many disposable coffee cups I have added to that gyro.

My requirements for a good coffee cup are:

  1. Spill proof – getting burned by hot coffee, or have it spill all over your car and clothes is very annoying
  2. Easy to clean – you don’t want the funk to linger on your mug
  3. Fit in cup holder – why do they even make cups that don’t fit in cup holders?
  4. Easy to drink from – the sipping hole can not be too big, that’s how you end up burning yourself

This may seem like a trivial excercise, but in my opinion, if we all can cut down disposable coffee cups and plastic lids, we can save the environment — one coffee cup at a time…