No on Hate

So I followed up with what I said the other day and went to volunteer for the No on 8 campaign. Sad to say, I was disappointed at how unorganized the Sacramento area seems to be. I didn’t feel like there was any real effort to enroll or maintain curious/shy volunteers like myself. Also, the task they had me do feels like a waste of time.

Well at least I got myself a No on 8 yard sign, which I will display proudly on the lawn here in West Sacramento, an area populated with Yes on ‘Hate’ signs.

That brings me to another issue. How come there are thousands of Yes on Hate signs popping up like weed, but it is so dang hard to even find a No on Hate sign? Shouldn’t there be an effort to put out more signs to show our support?

The real jewel in my volunteering experience came when I went to Jamba Juice to get my parking ticket validated on my way home. One of the JJ employee was dressed in a cheerleader’s costume ( with huge jugs ). A black guy came in, laughed, and said “Thank God, Yes on 8”.

The irony of this event kills me. Here is a black man, who’s ancestors were victims of the same hate crimes not too long ago, dishing out his own prejudice and hatred to people different than him. Oh, the circle of life is complete…