Kevin Costner solves Climate Change

Kevin Costner has done it folks! He has single handedly saved the world by building a miracle machine that converts GreenHouse Gases to puppies and cotten candy!

This comes after the announcement that BP has bought over 30 machines that Costner and his team developed to clean oil spills. This purchase was also approved by our government (House Commitee on Science). I am sold, aren’t you?

Since when has Kevin Costner ever made a bad investment? I mean he obviously has experience from ‘Waterworld’. O wait..that was a colossal bust and lost a lot of money. He’s just trying to do his patriotic duty like in the “Mailman’ O wait that was also a colossal bust. My point is that Kevin Cosner financed these two colossal busts in an industry where he has been successful, and now we are supposed to trust that these machines will do the job?
The machines work using a centrifuge. Which basically means it spins things REALLY fast to separate different substances based on physical properties such as density. I used to use centrifuges in biology labs and they are used everyday in biotech labs to extract DNA from cells. The technology is the same concept as if you were to put random sized things in a long tube sock and spun it around reallly fast for a long time. Eventually all the heavier stuff would shift to the bottom of the sock and the lighter stuff would be at the top creating layers.
This only works if you have everything tightly sealed in the sock and not all things in the sock are just heavy items.
Two things I am worried about with this machine. You need to put a massive amount of volume into the machine for it to work effectively. This would be brilliant if you could somehow fit the gulf of mexico into a test tube and spin it at ridiculously high RPMs for a long time, but I do not think the machine does that..

Secondly, how much energy do these machines use to clean up the oil disaster? Just like your dryer uses a lot of energy to dry clothes using rpms and heat. These machines will probably require a lot of diesel fueled torque engines which aren’t exactly environmentally friendly..

Anyways that’s my thoughts on the machine that I only read peripherally about.

Once again, a celebrity uses their fame, money, and power to affect world issues. I think celebs should speak out and make people aware of causes but please do not take an activist role in meddling with things you may not be a top expert on. Take the case of Jenny McCarthy and her crusade on Vaccinations. Read up on this if you have not heard of her anti vaccination cause. She is putting masses of children at risk for highly contagious diseases that should have been erradicated.

If I were famous my campaign would be to “listen to the experts and not to celebrities who takes an interest in a cause. ”

I think BP really bought the machines as a publicity and image ploy and what the hell do congressman on a committee know if they too are not specific experts in the particular science.

But who knows, maybe Costner can save the world. He probably had a dream where James Earl Jones whispered in his ear, “If you build it, BP will come.”