Quickbooks Online Login Is Down

If you search for “quickbooks online login”, you will notice that it is marked as “Currently Offline”


This is interesting to me because WorkingPoint, an online invoicing solution has never been down.

We’ve been very careful to only add new functionality and features doing off peak hours. We have literally stayed up past midnight just to launch new features, so that none of the customers are affected.

It’s kind of amazing that quickbooks online is down because I bet a lot of people rely on them. How will people do their business invoicing? accounting? and what not?

Hopefully WorkingPoint can continue a good recorded of uptime. A lot of customers are on WorkingPoint at every hour of the day taking care of their business accounting.

Actually on further inspection, the entire quickbooks site is down!

Here is a test: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/quickbooks.com