iPhone FaceTime Sucks

Here is why the iPhone FaceTime is really a FacePalm.

  1. It only works on WiFi – What are the chances the person you want to talk with will also be near a WiFi location?
  2. Texting is easier – We’ve already abandon “talking” on the phone in favor of texting and twitter. Why would we go all the way back to “video calling”? Might as well visit the person physically…
  3. What kind of serious conversation could you possibly have while staring at someone’s face?
  4. Requires an iPhone 4 – Not all of us are rich. Sorry Apple.

The reality is, Apple is way late to the game. They are trying to teach an old dog new tricks, but it’s just not as impressive as it could be. What’s worse, since AT&T has announced that they will limit and throttle data to 2GB, many of the iPhone new video features will be completely useless.

However, I must say that some of the technology, like the Retina Display is pretty amazing. The new design is also very nice and clean. Here’s to hoping that Apple will match their technology with similar amazing data service.

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