Women turning things around

When arguing with my girlfriend, I often get blasted with “Why are you turning things around on me? This is not about me, it’s about you.”

I always thought this was a very strange defense, but I just recently noticed that my girlfriend is not the only female who uses this illogical line of reasoning. Women everywhere are using it: Here is one example. Here is another.

My belief is: if things COULD be turned around, it SHOULD turn around. Basically, an eye for an eye.

For example: If you have a roomate that drinks all your milk. You confront them about it and their response is, “well, you eat all my ramen.” If that is true, then their counter argument – turning things around on you – is PERFECTLY valid.¬† I think anyone, male or female, can agree with me on this.

But for some reason, this kind of logic never works when arguing with your woman. Sigh…