stop calling me

Gadgetopia has a great article about why emails are better than telephones.

I can’t agree more. I am so annoyed when I get phone calls, and even more annoyed when I get voicemail. Email, or even text messages, is a much better form of communication. Why?

1) Email = instant record

2) Email = allow time for scrutiny, research, and analyst. When people tell you something on the phone, you have to take their word for it, or guess on the subject being discussed.

3) Phone = distraction. You have to drop whatever you are doing just to answer the phone. This is annoying, especially if you are driving, or working on something important.

4) Phone = waste time. People call you and spend 15 minutes trying to figure what they wanted to say. “Ummm… ooooh…..aahhhh…..okkkk….welll”. Shut up already and just send me an email.

5) Email = free. Phone minutes are not free.

6) And lastly… Sometimes, most of the time, I just don’t feel like talking to you. If you need something, email me and I will get it done for you.

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