NPR on the HTC Touch Pro

To get the NPR – KQED radio stream to work with my HTC Touch Pro, I had to down the CorePlayer. Then from the KQED website, I download the MP3 stream, which is a .pls file. Open the file in CorePlayer and wahla, streaming NPR radio on the HTC Touch Pro.

It took me a while to figure this out because the HTC Touch Pro from Sprint does not come with FM Radio. When I tried to stream the KQED – NPR stream from the KQED website, Windows Mobile Media Player failed to load the stream correctly. It got stuck on the sponsor advertisement.

I tried all kinda crap, I even downloaded Real Player, which didn’t work, and wouldn’t uninstall correctly. Finally I got the CorePlayer, also known as TCPMP, and now I am regaled with informative NPR news on the bus to work.