A better Cherry Danish

I have an affinity for fruity desserts. That’s why I am always inclined to pick that sugar glazed Cherry Danish at the baked goods counter. However, there is something awfully flawed in the design of a Cherry Danish.

Why is the cherry all concentrated at the center? You practically have to eat through 2 inches of a croissant before you even touch the center. If I wanted a croissant, I would have gotten a croissant!

Imagine if you bought a pizza and all the tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni was layered in the center. Wouldn’t it be pretty disappointing having to eat all that crush first?

On top of that, once you get into the center, the cherry reward is VERY unsatisfying. Why? Because it is way too sweet. It’s like eating jam straight out of a smuckers’ bottle, or spooning ketchup without the fries.

Is it so hard to spread that cherry goodness all around? Evenly distribute the jam for a perfect mixture of bread to jam, resulting in syrupy goodness.