Loud music on the bus

Working in downtown San Francisco has made my stress level rise exponentially (from zero). So much so, I  am going to start a list of “People that should be shot point blank”. No judge, no jury, just shot in the head, right on the spot.

To inaugurate my list are ghetto people who listens to loud music on the bus. Just because you are too f****ng retarded to understand the concept of a headphone, does not excuse you from toturing the rest of us with your obnoxious rap music. Yes I am specifically calling out rap music because, in my entire 25 years of existence on this planet, I have never heard any other form of music played loudly on the bus, other than rap music.

To be completely honest, I WOULD NOT share a f***cking bus with these people if it was not for my pursuit to be environmentally friendly. If I could drive to work without having a negative environmental impact, I would, regardless of how much parking will cost me.

Damn, seriously, I hate people who listens to rap music on the bus.

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