Demoracy Fails

When in an argument, my fiancee often says to me in a patronizing tone, “So everyone is wrong, and you are the only one that’s right??”

After two years of George Bush, Kris Allen wins American Idol, and the passage of Prop. 8 in California, I can resoundingly say — YES!!!

In fact, most experts agree that the reason why the state of California is in so much trouble is because we have too much democracy here. People in this state get to vote on everything, and they can amend the constitution whenever they feel like it. The result is — people want all sorts of crap, but refuse to pay for it.

Now, about Kris Allen winning American Idol… This is a horrible upset. Everyone knows Adam Lambert is clearly the better singer and performer. Even the judges themselves have already basically given Adam Lambert the crown. But when the choice is left up to “regular” people, the second-class competitor came out the victor.

Yes honey — everyone else is wrong — and I AM RIGHT!