Bay Bridge Shortcut

I have to drive across the bay bridge during peak traffic hours ( 7-9am ) pretty often, so I learned a nice trick to get 5 mins out of my commute.


Follow red line. Avoid the green area.

What happens is that so many people line up for the fastrak lanes, it clogs up and can go pretty far back. So instead use one of the side lanes that are not designated fastrak lanes. Drive all the way near to the end. At the end, more fastrak lanes open up, and there is always room for you to cut back in.

Couple of notes: 1) Avoid the right-most fastrak lane because it always get clog by idiots trying to get out of fastrak 2) Do not be tempted by short toll lanes. Toll lanes always take longer. Also once you pass the toll booth, the toll lanes merges, so traffic tends to back up behind the toll booths.

The sure fire win is to get into the fastrak lane at the last minute, then merge into the second to the most-right lane.

This will save you at least 5 minutes because you won’t have to sit behind all the cars trying to get on fastrak. Goodluck!