How to hack the Hilton hotel wifi

Ok, this is not really a “hack”, it’s just a fun trick to get free wifi.

I was at the Hilton hotel this weekend and the cost for 24-hr of wifi internet was $9.95.

So what’s a web developer to do? Open firebug. hilton

Look at the screenshot, do you see the 9.95? Yup, some idiot coded the price into the HTML…

Ok, let me change that to 0.95 instead. Submit form.

Did it work? Yup, my receipt shows the internet charge at 0.95 — You can change this to anything you want. You can even give them more money if you wish.

But there you go, free wifi at the Hilton.

I did a similar thing the last time I stayed at a Holiday Inn. Last time, I viewed the source and found the username and password in the source. I used it to craft a post that authorized me for access.

Let me know if you’ve had similar success =)

  • Hey Vinh,

    I tried this hack out today, worked perfectly!!! I input 0.0 for the price, and it changed it so that the price showed as complimentary!

    Worked great,


  • Hi Vinh…I was searching around tonite for costs of WiFi at a Hilton where I will be exhibiting for 4 days during the upcoming week. Was hoping WiFi was free…wishful thinking! GOSH…everything is so expensive at this California Hilton…what a racket…what a ripoff!

    I am NOT super computer savy but I manage; however, I have a quick question…how would I access the screen with the HTML re: WiFi cost et al? Is there a drop down or menu bar from the room’s main logon on screen (via room’s t.v.) whereby I might gain access to the HTML? Could you please advise???

    Thank you in advance! Toni

  • Michael

    Is Firebug Freeware?
    I really got pissed the last time I stayed at Hiliton for $220 a night. They had the balls to charge me additional for Wi-Fi.
    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Limao Luo

    Firebug is a Firefox extension, so not only is it free, but, like Firefox itself, is open source, so no trial periods, extra-feature editions, or any of the hassle that freeware has.

  • fred

    does it work with a negative price? :-)

  • Ben

    Does anyone know if this is still working or if they have fixed the loop hole?

  • bi

    how do you submit a form with the edited HTML in firebug. even internet explorer has an html editor, but it saves to your desktop?

  • With firebug, once you’ve edited the field, if you click “submit”, the new value will be submitted.

  • biodude

    Still works! Gotta love hidden fields.

  • al the hacker

    You can do it with IE to. Just modify the source with a text editor. You need to change the price to zero and the form posting url to the full url. Then open the html and click “connect”. That’s it.

  • iNeedWiFi

    Any workaround with iPhone/iPad ?

  • cutie

    doesn’t work, don’t see the value under html anywhere, so i guess i will have to pay $33 for 3 day access:-(

  • redbaron

    The instructions posted in the first guest comment worked for me.

    1. View Source and copy the HTML.
    2. Edit HTML in the following way:
    input type=”hidden” name=”discountedPrice16230″ value=”0.00″

    and this line:
    form id=”guestCommand” name=”btrformpage” method=”POST” action=”…”
    3. Save the HTML file and open in your browser.
    4. In the resulting web page enter your last name and room number and click “connect”.
    5. Page shows you are connected and price is complimentary.


  • The security between computers on such a network is about the same as inside a corporate network — It may have a firewall on the outside that would stop a charging moose, but once you are inside, it’s all soft and squishy.

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  • Bavery00

    Why wont it let me edit or delete anything

  • Jpvailen

    Worked for me in December at an Embassy Suites. Opera has a source editor built in, that’s what I used.

  • Did they ever find out about this? Did you select “Bill to Room” or “Credit Card”? I just don’t want them to trace this back to me. Did you come out ok?

  • Anonymous

    I live in hotels often have a relatively small PA, which can run repeater that I keep my laptop bag. We stay at hotels usually have Free wireless although often with only one AP per floor and the signal.

  • Kevin

    I just used this trick on 4/18/11. still works like a charm.
    However, after about 2-3 hours of use, while trying to watch youtube, i was redirected to a page set up by the company that provides the service for the hotel stating that my internet speed was being slowed to 56k for the next ten minutes due too,I forget what they called it but i think they called it a, malicious attack. So i immediately restarted my computer in hopes that it would prevent any sort of trace back too me. I haven’t checked out yet so i will find out if i get charged soon.

  • josh

    Aaahhahahaa awesome! Worked for me with steps described in comments in embassy suites in april 2011!

  •  5-19-11 New Jersey Embassy suites. This works!! Vinhboy you are the man!!!

     you can use chrome html editor or firebug. Make sure you change the hidden value!

    thanks so much, I hate paying for wifi after spending so much on a hotel. 

  • Lagronejames

    Worked like a charm on my zoom

  •  This worked like a champ on 05-20-11 in Newark, New Jersey. thanks! 

  • Coolsam222

    Does this work internationally 

  • Hadd61

    I will be staying at a hilton soon can’t wait to try it

  • eric

    Yeah baby works beautifully!!

  • Lilkoi87

    Anyone can show me the tut for this ?

  • Me

    think it would be dumb to try that. getting it for free is one thing, but actually trying to get $ for it is another.. also probably a LOT more likely to raise flags and get caught…

    btw, as of 7/14/11 this still worked when I was at the Hilton in Chicago.

  • hacktavist

    I made the change, however, when I connected, the reciept info said 9.95. Hope it shows up as 0 on the bill

  • Guy

    I don’t know if this works anymore. Tried it and the price came up as “Complimentary” on the next page but hitting connect gives a cannot convert string to int error for selectedpriceplanid. The value is an int so that error is misleading. Oh well.

  • Mark

    This is illegal – fraud and if you pay by credit card you can be tracked

  • Bugs

    26 April 2012, AT&T is providing wifi at Embassy Suites,
    Web page no longer has that hidden form input element. Dangit.

  • Cha0tic221

    Currently at an Embassy Suites in D.C. Cannot seem to find a value field in the source of the html. Seems patched, but after 3-ish years, that would be pathetic if it wasn’t. Haha.

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