Microsoft Adcenter Sucks

Have not rant in a while, but this definitely deserves it.

The Microsoft Adcenter interface was designed by monkeys. I can not freaking believe how ridiculous the UI for the Adcenter is.

Come on, seriously, I am here to PAY YOU money. Why are you making it so hard for me?

I wanted to change my “match type” to “exact” and I HAVE FREAKING CLUE how to do it. WTF!!! Why did you hide functionality, when you have a whole freaking column dedicated to match types. WTF, are you stupid??

And why the freak is everything in AJAX, yet you cannot handle a single response correctly?? And buttons get disabled on and off every other second, but NOTHING seems to be happening. I have to reload the freaking screen every time I click a button because your stupid ass spinner just disappears without doing anything.

Are you freaking serious? A multi-billion dollar freaking company and your freaking engineers are too stupid to write proper AJAX?

And why the freak is there a “save” button at the bottom of every screen? WTF am I saving?

And sorting of column… dudes, sorting is NOT hard. So WTF is it so hard for you to sort a column for me?

Wait, are you torturing me on purpose because I am using firefox?? If you are, at least put up a warning about it so I know to switch browser.

F@^K! I just clicked on “resume” and for some freaking reason you resumed ALL my paused keywords even though I only checked a couple.

F@$K you microsoft. F@$K you.

  • 995sunglasses

    Yes, we too just signed up to to this piece of crap waste of time ad-center by Microsoft. Our website sales have been doing so well through adwords we decided to give this junk a try. One day into it and were closing our account!.

    The functionality of the pages is terrible. ASP errors, slow page load time. I even get timeouts when trying to load the sign in page.

    I do not recomend this network.

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  • Alexander Herrera

    I agree 100% i had a tough time because the Geographic location was not working, it kept resetting itself to target all locations? confused guy here@#@#

  • adcenter sucks

    I agree, The map is slow & doesn’t work half the time. I have to get out & go back in. The click thru rate sucks. I get only about 20% of what I was getting with Yahoo. So No cpc to my website. I had so much better success with yahoo search marketing.

  • Josephdingle2000

    absolutely a fucking a joke. i owe them money and can’t for my life figure out how to pay. here’s a clue. when someone owes you money it should be a big red “PAY NOW” button. Turkeys.


    For the buggy resume function I have a work around. If you have multiple ad groups in a single campaign, first select the campaign and click resume at the top of the page NOT the resume button next to “Import Ad groups”. After you have done that and the campaign is active, click that campaign and click the check box on the side of the word “Ad group” to select all ad groups. Ensure that you UNCHECK the ad group that you want to remain active. Once you have done that then click the Pause Button on the side of the button “Import Ad groups.” All other ad groups should be paused and only the one that you had deselected earlier should be paused.

    I hope this helps.

    MSN AD CENTER needs to get it right!

  • JC-PV-AZ

    Well said (and it needed to be said just that way)! I transitioned over from Yahoo and it was bumpy. First, MS told me I had to go buy a different computer because they would “ONLY” support Windows and IE. Then they loosened up a bit and I could get in through a Firefox/Win emulation. As of the end of April, 2011, I can’t get into my account at all. I don’t see Adcenter doing anything for me so I had a friend go into my account from a PC and pause all of my campaigns. They will stay that way through May and if access is not restored, I will close my account.

    It is patently ridiculous to allow ANY vendor to dictate hardware and software choices when we are giving THEM money. It is their job to adjust to the customer, not the other way around. Get knotted, Microsoft.

  • Spot on. Epic fail of a website that only works of an epic fail of a browser.

  • MF_PPC

    oh thank goodness, I’m glad I’m not the only one who despises using Adcenter and the Adcenter desktop. I work for an agency so have to use them for certain clients but basically want to pull my hair out every time. I waste more productivity in Adcenter, it’s ridiculous.

    @Alexander Herrera – I had this same problem with the geo targeting!! Only thing is that I didn’t realize it until the campaign had been targeting the whole country instead of a select city until about 2 weeks later after which I blew through $1,000 on a campaign that typically wouldnt’ have spent $200 during that time. I was so confused because I could have sworn I set the targeting correctly. It’s basically been haunting me every since because it totally destroyed my campaign’s performance.Grrr…I hate it!!

  • john T

    Microsoft AdCenter is the worst platform I’ve used (or I should say tried to use). The interface sucks, the traffic sucks, the endless ‘disapprovals’ of TOTALLY relevant keywords sucks, the mysterious disapprovals of perfectly good ads that are always approved in AdWords sucks. It’s absolutely not worth the wasted time and aggravation for the tiny amount of traffic it brings in. I’m done with them and will leave my $30k/month spend at Google where they deserve it.