Microsoft Adcenter Sucks

Have not rant in a while, but this definitely deserves it.

The Microsoft Adcenter interface was designed by monkeys. I can not freaking believe how ridiculous the UI for the Adcenter is.

Come on, seriously, I am here to PAY YOU money. Why are you making it so hard for me?

I wanted to change my “match type” to “exact” and I HAVE FREAKING CLUE how to do it. WTF!!! Why did you hide functionality, when you have a whole freaking column dedicated to match types. WTF, are you stupid??

And why the freak is everything in AJAX, yet you cannot handle a single response correctly?? And buttons get disabled on and off every other second, but NOTHING seems to be happening. I have to reload the freaking screen every time I click a button because your stupid ass spinner just disappears without doing anything.

Are you freaking serious? A multi-billion dollar freaking company and your freaking engineers are too stupid to write proper AJAX?

And why the freak is there a “save” button at the bottom of every screen? WTF am I saving?

And sorting of column… dudes, sorting is NOT hard. So WTF is it so hard for you to sort a column for me?

Wait, are you torturing me on purpose because I am using firefox?? If you are, at least put up a warning about it so I know to switch browser.

F@^K! I just clicked on “resume” and for some freaking reason you resumed ALL my paused keywords even though I only checked a couple.

F@$K you microsoft. F@$K you.

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