I hate security questions

Whoever invented, or have implemented a security question should be brought out in a public square and hung.

Man F$@K you.

I do not want have a favorite food, I did not have a childhood pet, I don’t know the names of any of my teachers, and I have no idea where I was born.

So again, F@#K YOU!

As a developer, if anyone asked me to implement a security question, I will quit on the spot. Because that’s a clear sign the company knows NOTHING about usability.

Why am I pissed? I just called ATT. They REFUSED to look at my account and turn on my internet because I didn’t know who my favorite singer was. I told them to type in “f*ck you”, because that’s what I usually type whenever I get one of those.

Damn I am so pissed. What pissed me off even more is that there is actually a company out there that will literally RESET your password if you know the answer to the security question. WTF?? Why do we even have a password if a dumb security question could overwrite it?

Man F*ck the Developer and UX engineer team that makes security questions. Are you f*cking retarded???

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