TigerDirect sucks

tigerdirectSo I ordered some items from TigerDirect. Then this is the screen I see.

Hrmm, ok… Who the f*ck needs to know my SSN? You can’t be f*cking serious.

I already paid you, and you want me to give you my Social Security Number?

Can someone tell me if any other sites do this? I have ordered thousands of dollars worth of stuff from Dell, Amazon, etc… and never in my life have I ever been asked to divulge my SSN.

Man, f*ck you TigerDirect, f*ck you.

  • redski

    hmmm, I wonder why too?
    None of their fkin business as far as I am concerned since you already paid them.

  • Michael C

    I will never buy from tigerdirect ever again. They never deliver on time and they have poor customer service. Warning, Don’t be fooled by their so called discounts and next day shipping. It’s a scam…

  • To hom it may concern,

    The purpose of this email is to inform you of a shameless business practice from http://www.TigerDirect.com

    I found a good offer in the Internet for a 32″ LCD tv for $244.XX shipped at TD so I went ahead an placed an order
    for the item on December 6th for the price $244.xx to my surprise I happened to check my credit card statement and
    saw I was charged a different amount than I agreed to $7xx.xx
    After multiple calls and emails, I was informed that I supposedly used an “invalid” coupon.

    Although TD created this coupon, advertised this coupon, the coupon was accepted by there system,
    the system allowed successful checkout, I received the correct price in my order confirmation,
    the approval process accepted the order, the order was shipped,
    I was still charged some amount that I never agreed upon.

    This is ILLEGAL and credit card fraud.

    They were not allowed to charge anything more or less than what was approved.

    They are violating my states fair trade and commerce act as well the FTC rules.

    This is an extremely serious issue affecting hundreds of people.

    The issue here is NOT that it is a price mistake, but that TIGER DIRECT IS CREATING UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES ON CUSTOMERS’ BANK ACCOUNT

    Thanks for your time.

    Very unhappy Customer.



  • Honestbuyer

    TigerDirect SUCKS . . . bigtime. They will tell you that an item is stock . . . charge your card for a higher amount . . . and then you wait and wait and wait for the item to arrive. Only to be told that it was out of stock.

  • Mellowde

    I lost so much money by purchasing from tigerdirect that I was forced to file bankruptdcy. Beware of them. They sell broken computers and accessories and when you receive them and complain they tell you to contact the manufacturer. And since you have no relationship directly with the manufacturer they don’t help. No matter how many times you contact tiger direct you will receive no help. It is a scam company run out of a u-store facility in Florida as far as I can tell. They are rude after the sale if you need help. I can show you receipts and other data to prove my case. When I filed a chargeback with my cc company tigerdirect sent me a return label but guess what. It was to an address they claim isn’t theres so you have no proof you returned it to them. So your chargeback is denied based on their claim you have no proof you returned it to them. It’s a scam-sham company. Also known as systemax, misco, circuit city (they bought the rights to the name after the bankruptcy), comp usa, etc. But is a total rip off owned by a company with a board of directors that are probably just out of prison. DO NOT waste your time and money on this rotten outfit.

  • Andrew

    I had an order from Tiger Direct stolen off my doorstep and they basically told me “tough”.  I will never order anything from them again; not for me or where I work.

  • TIGER DIRECT SUCKS ThEY OVER WORK AND UNDER PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES MANAGEMENT MAKES AROUND $8 an HOUR AFTER CONSIDERING 50 hour mandatory work weeks, my family is tiger directs bitch.  

  • wolfen162

    Tiger Direct has changed. Seems as if they have a bunch of incompetent people working for them now that just don’t care. I will never shop there again and will tell all my friends to stay away from that store now.

  • Ab

    Its been long time, Tiger direct is filthy, they did not even deliver my laptop and when I claimed they closed a claim stating that I had received that item. I lost 650$ with it. They are the number one cheaters!