Meg Whitman is crazy

In all honestly, I do not know enough about this woman to say she is crazy. But I just saw 6 of her commercials attacking Steve Poizner, in 30 minutes of “My name is Earl”. That is a crap load of commercials, and a crap load of money she’s got there.

Not only that, the messages in her commercials are extremely “partisan” — for lack of a better word. Now, if you read my other blog post, I am not a fan of bi-partian politics either, but attacking a person because they are not “conservative” enough, is like those people who attacked Obama because he was not “black” enough.

Her key points were something a long the lines of “Poizner did not vote for tax cuts”, “Poizner supported Al Gore”, “Poizner miss church last Sunday” (kidding on the last one). Well sheesh lady, maybe he had a good reason for making those choices? Can you tell me something concrete about the man, rather than trying to convince he’s the anti-Chris because he supported Al Gore? And for goodness sake, according to the news, you haven’t been politically active your entire adult life.

Perhaps I am just more politically aware this election, but those are my early observations and the campaign season hasn’t even begun yet… Well, good thing I don’t watch TV that often..