I hate Grey’s Anatomy

I wrote I hate sex in the city and it was a big hit. Let’s try to reproduce that success here.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned from Grey’s Anatomy:

  1. The hospital breakroom is for sex – be careful next time you go in there – clean it well
  2. All  doctors are gorgeous people, especially the male doctors – Mc Dreamy, Mc Steamy, Mc Donalds
  3. When you’re a doctor, you can sleep with anyone – seriously – anyone
  4. Being an attending means you can sleep with any intern, resident, or patient
  5. During surgery you can yell at the each other
  6. When there is a medical emergency you can disobey your supervisors and cut people open because that’s how you win approval and praise
  7. Alcoholic? schizophrenic? No problem.
  8. The third date is the sex date.
  9. Having sex with random strangers is a perfectly good way to solve all your problems
  10. …. Add your own in the comment section
  • me

    hands down…McSteamy for sure!

  • Dude

    Oh my god this show is so bad…
    Not only is the plot completely unrealistic but the techniques the director uses the faux ass cliches line thats are vomited out every week by these “writers” (my gfirend watches this garbage) but the thing I hate the most is the way they play music in between the scenes (like the same song continuously playing through 5 different scenes at a time) Oh god it makes me want to stab myself in the face just to make it stop!
    This is the most cheap, gimmicky over emotional garbage. Oh and lets not start talking about the casting (ugly ass women and all hot guys) such a cheap device for those desperate housewives to feel good about themselves… like oh yeah I can to relate to her… yes its possible for me to get a hot guy like that… NO IT IS NOT!!!!
    Ahhhh I feel better…

  • Dionne

    You totally copied and pasted that. Don’t you have anything better to do than complain? Seriously.

  • Jovy

    Shut up Dionne, the show sucks, deal with it.

  • …….

    It’s not just the hospital break room,  the operating room too… God, I feel sorry for all the fake patients there…

  • Bbandrb

    ER nurse over 20 years!!!  This show on all its dreaming doc’s doing all the hands on work – what planet is this?  Can’t they even hire a medical/nursing consultant?  Real EER doc’s that are in the trenches eside you every day for 12+ hour shifts – they get it – nurses are actually smart with college degress!  Only reason to watch is for the soap opera effect mothers of my mothers generation watched daily – and I thank the man upstairs that my mom was not one of them.