Questioning the Military

I am not sure why I was watching the local news channel, but I caught a segment of this story.

It’s about Navy Seals who are in trouble for allegedly punching a “terrorist” in the stomach.

Anyways. They polled Sacramentans and the newscaster guessed that something like 90% of people were upset that the courts are putting these men on trial.

Ok… Maybe the transgression of Bush Administration has made me a bit cynical, but I think that we should hold everyone accountable for their actions, including the military.

I know some wingnut will come across this and accuse me of being un-American and un-Patriotic, but I will risk being called names to say that, as a country, we should always hold ourselves up to the highest standards.

There is a high probability that these men are completely innocent, but playing into people’s fear of terrorism and patriotism as an excuse to not question the actions of our military personnel makes us no better than our enemies.

It figures though. When I tried searching for this article, most of the write up on this story comes from Faux news and their associates.

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    Jeez that’s an awful article – a complete amateur.

    “I think these Navy Seals feel pretty confident about there cases”… California Assemblyman Ted Lieu

    It’s THEIR buddy, NOT over THERE. Reporter also loves using the ellipsis… 6 by my count… … … …

    Oh yeah… and support the troops…

  • Aside from the poorly written article…I agree with you. We can be supportive of the military without putting them on a pedestal and making them above the law. We do not live in a military state (yet) and we should not have to fear our troops. I’m all for “getting” the terrorists, but not everyone who disagrees with troops, politicians or anyone else in charge of making decisions is a terrorist. I support our troops, but I do not support their right to intimidate or abuse civilians.

    Sara Ch.