How to tether the iPhone OS 3.1.3

If you accidentally upgraded your iPhone to OS 3.1.3, like I did, you will notice that the peacefulinsanity and mobileconfig no longer work. Well here is, the only way, to enable iPhone tethering again for ATT customers:

  1. Use the to jailbreak your phone
  2. Go into Cydia and install MyWi with Rock
  3. Sign up for a free Rock account then turn on MyWi
  4. You will now have tethering enabled, but here are the rules:
  • Do not uninstall MyWi or Rock, it will disable your tethering
  • Do not open the MyWi app again, or you will have to buy the app – This is really the trick here. I just hide MyWi and Rock on a different page so I never turn them on again. If you don’t turn it on again, it won’t know that you have expired your free trial. This way you can have tethering permanently.
  • You should turn off the Wifi since it will drain your battery
  • Tethering will ALWAYS be enabled. You can’t turn it off with this hack. But do not worry, I can last a whole day without charging even with tethering enabled all the time