Facebook “Man With The Biggest” Trick

I get abnormally excited when I see cool hacks and tricks go down. Today I found a couple of people on my profile “liked” the page “The Man With The Biggest…”

First order of business, go here to unlike that page if you are a victim:


Secondly, here is what you see when you visit that page:

They use this javascript:

to move the facebook “like” button where ever your mouse move, including right into the area that says “Click Here to See our Hero!” … So you click on it, and now you “like” that page, and it will show up on your profile.. (you can see it in my screenshot because I used firebug to unhid the like button)

As I am wathing this, every 30 minutes, about 1000 new people are tricked. If have been tricked, follow the link above and unlike it. Also hide it from your profile to stop spreading this trick.

Btw, I felled for this trick in the beginning too. I followed the link, but I did not click on the face.