OkCupid: more desiring of sex

So this morning I was looking up some background information on someone I met online. I always do this with new people I meet, because I actually find it kind of rude when you don’t take the time to learn about people you are talking with. It’s an easy way of getting “small talk” out of the way without actually “small talking”.

Anyways, to the point of the story.

This person showed up on my search result as an OkCupid profile. So I was looking at their profile, pics, etc, when I noticed on the side it had “Similar Users”, and under one of the recommended girl’s profile, it said she was “more desiring of sex”.

Ok, I admit this is the 21st century, and we are supposed to be open and in touch with our sexually, and what not, but that caught me off guard.

From my previous reading on the OkCupid business model, I always thought they were a clean and fun dating site, but this “more desiring of sex” label made them seem just a tad bit like adultfriendfinder…

But who am I to question OkCupid. They are obviously a pioneer in their industry, and this may in fact be an awesome marketing/customer engagement plan. I am guessing its part of the analysis they make from all the answers people give them.

Anywho, I am writing about this because it doesn’t seem like there is a lot of mention on this topic via Google. If anyone has more information on this please share. I am especially interested if anyone knows if this is an effective marketing slogan, or useful in finding potential matches.