Cool Facebook Like Worm

As I am writing this, a bunch of people are being tricked into liking the page

“10 Signs You Should DUMP Your Boyfriend”


“OMG, this girl killed herself after her dad posted this photo”

The worm (its not a virus) is very cool.

Basically those “Pages” get infected when they add an application, like this one:

Check it out. If you add that application as a “tab” to any of your pages, your page will now be infected.

The infected page tricks people into clicking on the “verify” image, which then loads an iframe to the hacker’s page. The hacker’s page then trick them into clicking on the “like” button.

Fun! I am trying to figure out how to make an application that is a vector for this worm. Wish me luck!

Yes this is why I am up at 2am on a Friday night….

Update: Its now 3:30AM and I finally figured out how they are doing it:

Sorry I can’t give you a live example, because I don’t want to wake up with my facebook account banned. But if you put that into your app, you can now make a facebook link that will load an iframe. Awesome bug.

The hacker’s page is here: <-- goodwork.