Facebook is stupid

I usually don’t weigh in on privacy discussions because my entire life is spewed everywhere online and I like it that way. But one thing that happened today irked me a little.

I visited Rotten Tomatoes to get see some movie reviews. At the top of the page, they greeted me by my name and had my facebook picture.

I was surprised. I don’t remember ever authenticating with RT. So I thought, hey maybe its an iframe to facebook. Ok thats fine, so I go to examine it. Turns out it was not an iframe. It’s actually because of facebook’s “instant personalization”, written about here.

Like I said before, I don’t really worry too much about privacy, but this just seems wrong. Why does a site like Rotten Tomatoes get to instantly ID me?

I now feel like when I am on the internet, it’s like I am walking around with a big “Hello My Name Is” tag.