AppEngine Sucks

I love appengine for the following reasons: 1) easy deployment, and 2) clean workflow — literally just a couple of commands to setup, test, and deploy… But today its pissing me off for two reasons:

1) – according my dashboard, the front page failed to load 5,000 times. WTF? How is that possible. I am basically serving a static template file and some static images. Nothing major. How can it failed to load the front page?

2) – Blobstore does not serve images 100% of the time. I noticed that when I store images in the blobstore, as suggested by the GAE docs, it fails to load when the images are being called by the IMG tag. It will load just fine when you hit it up with your browser, but it will not respond to curl, and intermittently won’t respond load inside of an IMG tag.

Has anyone else experienced this?