Vietnamese people are shameless and have no class

Last week I went to the Ikea’s Crawfish Party in Sacramento. I was really excited, and had dreams of eating mountains upon mountains of crawfish. But sadly Ikea was ill-prepared for the onslaught of us Vietnamese people and our fishsauce.

The place was filled with Vietnamese people, and every one of them used these Ikea food cart to load trays full of crawfish. Now, there is nothing wrong with them wanting crawfish, because it was all you can eat, but its classless and shameless when there is a huge ass line behind them and they just stood there piling their cart like nothing.

I was one of the first few people in line, so I was able to get myself two plates of crawfish. But by the time I was back in line for a second serving, these shameless people had already taken all of the 50 boxes of crawfish Ikea had for the event.

A lot of people ended up not getting any crawfish that day. It was truly a sad moment in history.

Ikea did offer to let us in to the regular food line and get whatever food we wanted. That was alright, but a swedish meatball just does not compare to a crawfish.

Anyways, my point is, I find it distasteful for my people to be so rude and classless. Just because its an all you can eat, does not mean you have to stand there and load up your cart like you are back in Vietnam. I would understand it more if it was a bunch of old Vietnamese people doing this, because people like my parents lived through starvation and war, but these young Vietnamese people should know better.

I love my crawfish and all, but you’ll never see me piling a cart full of crawfish while others are waiting in line behind me.

Maybe I am just bitter they took all my crawfish… :(

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  1. Hi,


    “so I was able to get myself two plates of crawfish”




  2. Hi,


    “so I was able to get myself two plates of crawfish”




  3. Vietnamese race is classless and do not deserve to be in my country. They help ruin our economy with tax fraud, insurance fraud and anything else they can do to rip anyone off. GO back to vietnamePLEASE

  4. He’s Vietnamese, i think he has a right to insult his own culture. I’m irish and i think my people are a bunch of drunks. I can say that cause i’m irish, if you said it,…it would be very different.

  5. vinhboy good for you for speaking up. Gutsy Man you are. I am from Peru and we also have those that abuse it. I get pissed off when I see Peruvians cutting into line and thinking they are really street smart. Americans see them and they are marked as the trash they are. We all have good ones and bad ones. They also think the government should pay all their bills because they deserve it, ha. I think 15% of Peruvians are leaches on society. 85% are good hard working people. Legal Peruvian in the USA. by the way more % Peruvians are legal than Mexican. They have a harder time getting back. I just want a good program for the good illegals and expulsion for any infraction. Including speeding.

  6. I was born in Vietnam and adopted by Swiss people due to the war. I beg to differ, 99% of the Viets in this country are decent, hard working who became integrated into Swiss society. Which I can’t claim of many other immigrants and Asylum seekers. Think a Viet is bad? Try an Albanian; these people are a pack of conartists, liars and parasites. THEY, not the Viets, should move their asses back to their bum fucked country!!

  7. Well, I hope the author to this article reads this. “You suck vinboy.” You fail as a vietnamese. You people have to understand. There are good and bad people as well as those who like to share and those who are greedy. What I am trying to say is just because these people who were loading their trays with crawfish so your fatass can’t get some and they happen to be vietnamese, doesn’t mean its ALL the vietnamese people that does this. Look at America and anywhere for example, don’t tell me there are no greedy people at all. There’s all types of people everywhere. The intelligent one, the mean one, the selfish one, the stupid one. Vinboy would be the stupid one. You should try to give your race more face. This is why usa look down on asians especially vietnamese. Not only we are being attacked by other races, we attack ourselves too. Your parents are vietnamese. Your brother and sisters are vietnamese. Your own children will be vietnamese….therefore, give us a good name so your own children wouldn’t have to pay for it later on.

  8. =]]zzz lmfao, vinhboy, lemme tell ya

    u’r viet, do u think u would be here in “your country” , as you said, if it wasn’t for your ancestors came to the u.s. during the war.

    i think you are the one who are shameless and have no class by posting this.

    if u just don’t like those ppl who were impolite and mindless that were taking away your fav. crawfish thingy then u should blame on those ppl, Why the hell would you blame on the entire race?

    IF U R SOOOOOO Great, then why didn’t u FUCKING speak up against those ppl at IKEA?

    huh~?? I’M sorry but what u said above is FAWKING STUPID

  9. Jacob, what r u? White? Ha Ha. may be u don’t know this. and i’ll tell ya
    U.S.A. is not (and never will be) your country. look at your self, have u done anything for ur country? even ur whole family. what the fuck did they do to help u.s. economy? or ur family and same as everyone else, try to get as much benefits and money ( unemployment, free lunch, tax return, etc.) from the gov? if we are so terrible and harmful for the nation, then why did the u.s. prawling around in asia, including Vietnam, trying to take as much geniuses and let them study abroad in the u.s.? as it turned out, those viets were lured to stay in the u.s. and work here?
    if Americans didn’t want us to be in America, then why the hell did they let us migrate here in the first place??
    i don’t think ur race now a day did better than us Viets to help the economy.
    do u dare to shop like us
    do u dare to buy foods like us
    do u dare to spend money like us
    do u dare to continue your education as high as us
    oh please i don’t think so

    i don’t think all whites act stupid like u

    such a shame for ur parents. maybe ur parents r no better. never mind.
    if u wanna get ur fucking ass kicked by viets. come to California. Garden Grove in particular.
    but i believe any viet who know u would kick ur ass until it’s like marshed potatoes

  10. Yes, I find them extremely rude.  What is wrong with them?!?!  My dad was a manager for a company that had some dealings with Vietnamese and he told us never to trust them, because they have no honor.  They’re words mean nothing to them.

  11. Honestly, u guys dumb. Try to travel to Vietnam and contact with people there. The food is fuking awesome and nutritious. I have some Vietnamese friends, they are-hard working and so nice. Sometimes they cook vietnamese food  and ask me to join. U CANT NEVER TELL A BOOK BY ITS COVER, STOP FUKING JUDGING THEM BY HEARING FROM IDIOT VINHBOY.

  12. Honestly, u guys dumb. Try to travel to Vietnam and contact with people there. The food is fuking awesome and nutritious. I have some Vietnamese friends, they are-hard working and so nice. Sometimes they cook vietnamese food  and ask me to join. U CANT NEVER TELL A BOOK BY ITS COVER, STOP FUKING JUDGING THEM BY HEARING FROM IDIOT VINHBOY.

  13. I’m Korean and live near by little saigon.   White people are always asking me, “are you asian or Vietnamese.    I didn’t understand it when I first moved here.  But i understand it now.  Vietnamese people are something else.   I’ve seen a 80 year old grandma steal a unlocked bike from a bus stand. 
    Next day, her grand son is riding it.   They are always picking oranges and fruits from other peoples yards, filling their garbage bags.  They also take anything laying around the yard, including ornaments and flowers by the root.  Now I see why white people don’t consider Vietnamese as asians. 

  14. I’m dating a Viet girl and I’m white I went into this with a open mind but DAMM there’s only so much one person can do, I’ve been to thier family functions and everyone is always upset, talking about each other putting each other down and just plain nasty and rude, say what you want about me but fuck that shit I wish they would go back to Vietnam they just don’t belong here. Maybe there are some good ones who can see the problems in thier community and fix them but other then that it’s a lost cause with Vietnamese. You can’t fix them they’re un-civilized people.

  15. there’s nothing you can do to change them it’s good that you see it and want to be better. I’m dating a viet girl and she’s ok but her family drives me crazy I don’t want anything to do with them. Even she doesn’t want to be around them. it’s to bad bc there are some good ones who see a problem and want to correct it but a lot of these people just aren’t civilized they need help that’s all just lke trailer trash needs it.

  16. This is awesome haha!
    But really, it’s not just vietnamese people.

    People in general love seafood.  I was at a AYCE buffet and every time a tray of crabs or lobster comes out, you’ll all kinds of people going apeshit over them. It literally takes about 10 seconds for the whole tray to be emptied. Some take there sweet time picking the best (this is what ticks me) then grab a second plate and fill that up. OMG!  Really, all you can is give them a weird face so they know people aren’t blind.

  17. “if u wanna get ur fucking ass kicked by viets”

    It would be nice to see a viet that can actually fight. Seeing as their country as been everyone’s bitch for the last 1,000 years.

  18. Look here you dick! You cant call ALL Vietnames people shameless and have no class. Not ALL Vietnames people are like that!! Its not like American people aren’t greedy and shameless at times! You have no rights to say that about Vietnameses people. You are a low life bastered and you have no life and I’m pretty sure no friends. If I met you in real life or if i new you I would take a metal chair and jam it into your head then take the legs of the chairs and… Well what I’m saying is that you should jugde Vietnameses People just because some other Viet’s were just plain out hungry! >:( You should just die in a hole!!!!!!!

  19. Ohhh when the U.S.A had war with the vietnames people, we won! So what now you loser!


  21. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I was a patron of one of their businesses and was literally told to get the fuck out of my vehicle if I wanted businesses, I merely rolled down my window and asked if the mechanic had a quick second. This just isn’t one bad experience. They are generally aggressive and will talk smack about your preferences right in front of you, are talk behind your back and start drama out of the blue. But thanks for sharing your thoughts because it really makes me feel like I’m not the only one.

  22. I was one of the first few people in line, so I was able to get myself TWO PLATES of crawfish. But by the time I was back in line for a SECOND serving…….
    And you still crying??? What da freak!

  23.  i have to admit some viets are just plain rude i mean not all of them are, i mean i met alot of viet friends and they were extremely nice ^_^ Vietnamese food is awesome.

  24. You are an idiot.

    America, with their brilliant technology and masses lost to a bunch of men using gorilla tactics in burnt forests.

    The only time when America lost a war, it was to the Vietnamese.

  25. The Vietnamese are rude that’s an observation anyone can make. There main problem is envy they are so jealous of what white people have and want to do better and will do anything to get it. They think they have something to prove if they were just a bit more accepting to western culture as we are to their culture we would all get along fine but there so paranoid and think they have to prove themselves right and rub it into someone’s face who is not from their culture to make a statement.

    I think they should learn that white people are not Capitalists trying to fuck up little africans lives.

    Even in Australia they have no respect, it might be there education system in Vietnam I don’t know its terrible I hope there kids when they grow up will be more sophisticated than there asshole parents.

  26. I am a vietnamese-american and i’m are very so proud of it. i love the way i look, my accent, and are very cometable in my own skin but DAMN i have to say, my people sometimes frickin’ disgrace me. especially the older generation that are here in the U.S. They are so petty-minded of everything for instance, when i go play poker in the local cardroom here in california, they “slow roll” the nuts and laugh about it. Just frickin’ rude. And alot of them is so insecure, I just can see straight through them. Anyway, I love my vietnamese people I’m just saying. peace out.


  28. Majority of Vietnamese people are leaching off the Welfare
    and generosity of the US Government and its Citizens who pay their taxes and
    contribute to a system that is designed to help Americans in real need. 

    These leachers continue to take our tax dollars to support
    their welfare lifestyle while they own nail shop, own houses, nice cars and
    collect cash under the table.  Most of
    them evade taxes by not reporting their full income so that they can leach our
    well-fare  system and steal money from
    honest tax paying citizens and those that really need help.  As these government systems become  over tax, 
    those who really deserve help will be eventually turned away or be given
    less due to the shortage of government funds for these types of programs.

    It’s so pathetic  that
    they took the money from U.S government that they don’t even deserve any and
    waste those money in Vietnam which is controlled by a communist government. The
    U.S government should start cracking down on those bastards that took advantage
    of the system  as they contribute
    nothing  to the U.S.

    While most middle class Americans are struggling to keep
    their homes while making an honest living. 
    These  loser  Vietnamese 
    people are sucking  the life out
    of every American who are paying for the lifestyle that these losers are
    enjoying and evidently do not deserve. 

  29. When you say “Vietnamese people are…”, your writing automatically lose creditability, because by that you are referring to so many other Vnmese you don’t know, and those you know by heart (family/relatives), and even yourself.  And if you think Vnmese are shameless and rude, try China town, East LA (Mexicans & Blacks), or some redneck town.

  30. Vinhboy is right, we Vietnamese do that so what? The only thing Vinhboy wrong is say us young Vietnamese be “better”, better for you? Hey we coming in LARGER numbers every year thanks to the joke US immigration (fake marriages, fake student visas, then reunions, once in they can’t do shit), we large enough now to run our Vietnamese territory our way (OC, San Jose, Little Saigons) and impose our way in US and thats our way. Your immigration system bring us here in numbers so shut up and take it cause we coming more and our little saigon cities taking over more of your land. Viet Nam muon nam!

  31. All you other Vietnamese people here know tht us Vietnamese are fucking rude motherfuckers lol. You’ve probably seen your mom get drunk and bitch people out, and to those who have been to Vietnam know that the locals are so damn rude lol. Calm down and just accept that we’re fucking greedy as fuck. Obviously not EVERY Vietnamese Person is like this but from what every time I’ve been to Vietnam, please, I even get ripped off even if I’m Vietnamese myself.

  32. these people are honestly right. i am vietnamese and have been fighting to figure out my culture for years, as i have always felt something gravely wrong with it. you won’t understand until you genuinely, thoroughly scrutinize the culture…. it runs deep and is difficult to understand. the vietnamese are nasty people. vietnamese people in vietnam say that the vietnamese are nasty people… recently my uncle has stated, of his own people, that they were the most disgusting on earth. and no he’s not self-degrading or an idiot, he has the guts to perceive what is wrong in himself. cambodia and thailand, the two countries next to vietnam… have tourism return rates of 50% (50% of tourists come back a second time). the return rate for vietnam is 5%. think about this for a second and don’t dismiss it as nothing. tourists get stolen from and are viewed as walking dollar signs… and it isn’t just about theft, like i said the issues run deep. the tendency to steal and act insensitively comes from SOMEWHERE, it lies in the character of the vietnamese people. let me tell you there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with vietnamese people, they live in a culture of shame. kids are raised in it, and adults never get out of it. they spend their ‘adult’ lives trying to make up for the lack of genuine love they had growing up, in essence they never do. the vietnamese are MANIPULATIVE, they are deceptive and cunning and mischievous, they fuck over not just outsiders, they do not treat others of their own well, they don’t treat themselves well, and that’s the most important part. they grew up with guilt-tripping, self-serving, manipulative love from their parents. scrutinize vietnamese culture and you will understand how the root of shame affects us all. parenting needs to be changed. the vietnamese shame their child into subservience, you are literally their slave, as you have to leap to attention and scurry off to do their bidding at their will. the vietnamese do not have a mind of their own, they are told that if they shame their parents they are bad children, so as they grow up they learn to never think. most of all they learn to HATE themselves. this is where all the HATRED of others comes from…. nobody feels more shameful of themselves and worthless than the vietnamese. their music has a perpetual whining, sobbing style to it, and crying is literally a perpetual staple in their theater. they are obsessed with their own sickness and death, and have an extreme victim mentality. they are not capable of loving themselves much less loving others. they need to be understood but first the truth must be told about them. we must confront what is wrong in order to make it right. they need to be truthful with themselves.

  33. they are very honest about the paranoia they feel though. they constantly talk smack about others because they HONESTLY feel like the whole world is out to get them, EVERYBODY is out to get them and put them down. it’s insane how much my parents and my relatives and vietnamese in general talk about people fucking them over when in reality nothing is happening. i say they’re honest about it because their pathetic paranoia comes from real feelings of defectiveness in themselves, if they are such terrible people, who wouldn’t want to fuck them over? the vietnamese need to SEE, IDENTIFY and COME TO TERMS WITH THEIR SHAME. stop being fucking repressive amnesiacs, try thinking once in a while and see what’s wrong about the way you think.

  34. Says the idiot who hates grammar. Before you bash on others, try to sound intelligent and educated first. Maybe you are one of them. I can attest to the truthfulness of Vinhboy’s sentiment. I have lived in Vietnam for almost three years and can definitely say that these people are classless and uncivilized. Pissing by the roadside and shitting on the pavement – do civilized people do these? Moreover these so called “people” are overt liars. They will lie to get what they want and to bring you down. I was fired from a teaching job despite being good at it and well qualified on the grounds that the school had numerous complaints about me. I talked to the principal about these complaints and it turned that there were none. Liars, swindlers, uncivilized – all of them. Must be the agent orange.

  35. Gorilla tactics. Wow! So the Vietnamese threw bananas at the Huey’s and marines in the jungles? You clearly don’t know what you are saying. Stop hiding behind your misplaced sense of patriotism. Your country is a country of liars, crooks, pachyderms and uptight communist pricks.

  36. It seems to me that the vietnamese people that you mentioned have a lack of consideration for others, manners, understanding of social norms, ect. to which they ultimately value monetary/material things over. I am Chinese and I also expect a lot from the people who are associated with my race and culture so I kinda know how you feel; I was brought up to try to be a person of honor and a good example. You should have ended asking WHY Vietnamese people act the way they do. (Historically hard times lead to people’s mindset perceiving the world as a dog-eat-dog system?” It’s always hard to be “civil” when lacking in basic necessities, but then you read about absolutely NO looting in China or Japan when the earthquake or the tsunami hit. Food for thought.

    P.S. A lot of the commenters fail to recognize one of their own people’s characteristics (flawed, seemed too much of a one-sided word) and wave around this pride that turns a blind eye to the things they are not to proud of.
    Commenters are also kind of misunderstanding that no blogger or writer ever claims something over an entire demographic, I mean, really? Come on, on the grand scale of things, human beings are just really similar, but no individual is alike.

  37. I’m a Vietnamese and I have to share to everyone my experiences with Vietnamese people.

    Most viet are stupid and ugly, they love to pick their nose and everywhere they goes the place became so dirty, ugly and disgusting the same as their face.

    I live in Melb and whenever i go to places like Springvale it’s extremely dirty and full of rubbish and chewing gums, people just litter and split and doesn’t care about anyone but themselves.

    The toilet is full of shit…like completely disgusting, and the people are just the same they go to the toilet and sometime some guys tried to take a leak he pulled all of his pants down.

    Viet are corrupted, they cheats and lies, they work as bank manager and steal 5 millions for themselves and show off, look down on people and shit on their own people because they are so rich. They are practically soulless, super rude, super stupid, immoral, dirty, disgusting and they have such low self esteem they are completely sick sick people!!!

    The same goes for the Chinaman and lao faggot people…east asia is such a shitty place that produces shitty people of the world!!!

  38. It’s true, im viet and i can’t fix them!!

    I know how to fix them, tried to fix them, tried ot educate them about manner and they practically shit on me.

    I spent my money on charity to save them, worked hard to help them, talk to them to help them etc but they treat me like absolutely nothing..

    plain rude, arrogant and so heartless the way they treated me. They always look angry and they are so fukked up…they only care about money money money

  39. You IDIOT! You don’t realize that some of us are GOOD people? You are a shame to the human race, you moron. Uncivilized, liars, swindlers; you are a fine one to talk, Imbecile!

  40. Fine one to talk! You don’t know one of the simplest tactics in the world? Well, no wonder! Anyone who talks like that has a thick skull, no brains, and a bigger mouth.

  41. And I suppose your race is perfect? If we Vietnamese are as bad as you say, you are ten times as worse, imbecile.

  42. Stop judging the book by its cover. There are classless, stupid, and asshole people in every race or culture. I bet the racist and assholes and wanna be Vietnamese posters on this blog would never dare to say anything derogatory in person to a Vietnamese person…it would get its ass kicked or shot in the head.

    The Vietnamese’s culture is stemmed older than any national societies of Europe, try 2 century B.C. Learn and read about the culture before you judge it by the behavior of some people you met. We are not in North Korea, Iran or China that censored its citizens from factual information. Get out there and open up your narrowed mind and learn something about one’s culture before you open up your hatred mouth or write out your ugly comments.

    Coming from Vietnam as the 2nd wave refugee. I have been there and experienced the hardship, racist and stupidest things that America has offered but as a US citizen, I love this country for it’s stood for and yes, I would defend this country against all enemies, Vietnam included…don’t forget we are all immigrants initially.

  43. In the end, we all know that Chinese are the greediest in the world. They took over the Paracel Islands, they want to take over the Spratly islands in the East Sea, and even tried, but failed to take over Vietnamese land in 1979. The greedy Chinese even called the 1979 war “Defensive Counterattack against Vietnam”, when they were the ones that attacked first. That’s not a defensive counterattack, that’s military aggression. This is why we Vietnamese call it the “War against Chinese Expansionism”, because they tried to expand into our territory. Our soldiers fought against them, and the greedy Chinese ran back to China like the cowards they were. Today, China still insists that all the islands they want belong to them, even the ones that obviously belong to other people like Japan and Philippines.

    If you think the Vietnamese are greedy, it will be nothing after seeing Chinese greediness.

    This is by far the best video on YouTube: /watch?v=BfnZaf4gikk

    All patriotic Vietnamese must boycott China!

  44. I am a Vietnamese girl, 35 years old and currently stay in Hanoi city for almost the time of my life . I had lived in NYC and Tokyo at the longest duration abroad for both formal business and leisure purposes with strong intention to reside in NYC after my financial goal is reached all by myself. I am confident that I would feel alike of what rumors were those set aside by all of you excepts political view but your personal only to comment by total acceptance of the bad side in term of manners, behaviours and some cause by extreme discrimination of local community , circumstances and deep rooted by the poor education of Vietnamese family by many ways oversea included of some other well respected ethnicity I do not agree to insult another race from quite self centered belief of everyone . I was truly sad and sorry for us as of the Vietnamese on the bad side , some issues I have been seen so many locally but no experience to live close with any Viet community because I tried to avoid such misunderstanding in ethics and unregulated society Around little Saigon . I must confess. To make a better. Living. Is people or group of leader owned choice . I I iWa

  45. and what the fuck do u think you know abt vietnamese? do you know vietnamese? do u know they talk shit abt people in their faces in vietnamese? DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH TO UTTER ANY WORDS ABT THINGS U DONT KNOW.

  46. WOW WOW WOW. are u another stupid rude vietnamese that get fucking aggressive whenever someone tells the truth about ur people? Guess what? No need to defend urself, show us what u can do. Vietnamese people are discriminated everywhere, so using some vulgar words to talk back will not help

  47. I work with many veitnamese “good” people, and even those talk way too much shit about everyone and eachother, they are increadibly arrogant and disrespectful, mean, talk down to most everyone, have DISGUSTING habits like not washing thier hands after taking a crap!!!…seen this REPEATEDLY!. Are insanely loud and obnoxious with no concern for others around them. And if I don’t understand something they say they treat me like a retarded child who just isn’t listening to them. In all honnesty the most offensive and gross peope I have ever been around, and I have travels ALOT and met people from al over the world.
    I am NOT prejudice, I am married to a mexican woman who I love unconditionally when others of my “race” are extremely racist against them, friends with other at my work from russia, mexico, japan, cuba, africa, tibet…all these folks actually try to HELP with communication if I don’t understand them, one even went online to look up a word he was trying to explain to me! This kind of interaction is beautiful and uplifting, i have tried so hard to be as kind and understanding with the vietnamese folks but they put NOTHING towards mutual understanding and teamwork. Dissgusted and jaded…They do the same thing at my work, whenever the company buys us food like cookies or pizza they take far more than thier share and stash it away as if they were starving….by far the most difficult people to interact with that I have ever met!

  48. Wow Vietnamese girl you are good! And right! In all honesty I felt like bagging every Vietnamese person in the world. (I have just had a rotten few days.) Then I saw your very thoughtful post. Well done! I have lived here in VN for 7 or so years so I have had had some time to ponder this issue also. You are so correct about the Vietnamese lacking love. That is at the core of this very deep issue. Vietnamese are regarded as being family centred – that is family is everything. I don’t agree with that anymore. Vietnam is male centred. It is all about Grandad and dad. The women are given all the responsibilities but at the same time they are marginalized. You NEVER see any affection being showed to the mother or the dutiful daughter. NO LOVE. Lack of love is epitomized in how the children are treated. They are called ‘con’ – thing. Or ‘no’ – it. The language says it all. When a couple is courting there are a couple of terms of endearment. But when married the same couple is married they can only call each other ‘man’ and ‘woman’. No love. That’s very sad. In my English school when the preschool kids are read to I have this very precise way to do it. I sit on the floor. Either side of me is a teachers aid also sitting on the floor. The kids sit on the floor in our circle. I have noticed that as I read the story the kids lie on each other and move in a tight circle towards the teacher. If the teacher was to read long enough I could imagine a mountain of very content little kids piled on top of the teacher. A home the kids are not really shown any meaningful LOVE or even attention. The love from the teacher is soaked up like a sponge. Well Vietnamese girl thanks for a thought provoking post. What’s the answer to this dilemma? Neither do I.

  49. I’m Vietnamese and I will admit the worse people I’ve had to do business with are Vietnamese people. I know it’s not good to generalized a whole group of people, but it’s hard to stay open minded when I keep having bad experiences. This week, I’ve received rude and passive aggressive comments from my Vietnamese tax guy and straight up lies from the Vietnamese t-mobile phone sales rep who completely lost interest in me when I didn’t want to by a new phone but use my insurance to replace my phone. :-/

    And to the Vietnamese people screaming attacking and hateful words in defense of Vietnamese people, I don’t know if that really proves your point that Vietnamese people are nice and civilized…

  50. Exactly! I hate my boyfirend’s family! They dont pay rent, they cheat their income! Its sickening! They think they are entitled of the money!

  51. He does know it, but its called GUERRILLA tactics…the insinuation was that she was calling someone an idiot when in fact she called it GORILLA tactics…which would imply monkeys throwing bananas or feces at people.

  52. you can’t fix a nationwide problem. if you have shame in yourself you heal it, like in me, and if you see it you try to understand how it works and bring it to others’ attention, like with you. hurt that took thousands of generations to form will take no less than profound love, forgiveness, and another couple thousand years to heal.

    you’re right that the language says it all. when children misbehave they are called ‘hu’ which doesn’t just mean bad, but it means “broken”. when you feel broken you hardly have the will to live at all, much less be kind and considerate to others. the shame severely arrests the emotional development of vietnamese people, which is why many of them can act like uncivilized brutes. ‘con’, the term used towards children, is what you would use to call a dog, ‘con cho’, which incidentally my parents have called me too, along with devil, failure, and their way to an early grave. this shame has created a deep resentment in me towards others. however along with my shame I’m also acutely self-aware, which helps as I’m somewhat on my way towards healing.

  53. no other culture would do that it seems. so dont say something ignorant like dont judge. if we didnt judge anything it would not change you simpleton.. And the guy writing this should’ve had the balls to stop some little asian people from stealing everyone’s food instead of writing this post

  54. maybe saying something doing something would’ve gave everyone some food that day including yourself. But you cant even stand up to some little asian people who wouldve had no choice but to put the food back. instead your write this weak little post. how do you look at yourself man . seriously

  55. Wow, as expected, the discussion turns into a disgusting verbal war and racial slurs. You guys should know that some of the commenters may be people of other races pretending to be Vietnamese. Can’t trust the Internet 100 %
    I agree with Vinhboy. Sometimes, I do not want to mingle with Vietnamese people or Asians in general. ( I still have Asian Friends ). Many of them portrays the behaviors that some of these people in the discussion have pointed out. It is the problem of a rigid Confucius culture and a Communist system that influences the behaviors of people. It is ingrained deep in the mindset of people. For example, they are intolerant of differing opinions. A comment on Youtube says “This song is terrible” will receive tons of hate from the majority of people who say idiotic stuff like :”Get the fuck out if you don’t listen to it”. People who wants to be creative and different hardly gets support, or they receive comments such as :”Freaks”. Years of being oppressed to speak out contribute to this problem. Things are changing in Vietnam, however, and it is a positive sign. They’ve gotta understand that Individuality makes a better society.
    I was raised 18 years in Vietnam’s communist system before studying here in college in America. I enrolled in Communist owned school so the harmful doctrines (brainwashing) they instill in me have certain impact on me. I am changing that. I talked to people of different races, something that most Asian students don’t do. I am striving to become a good representative.

  56. There are more of these Vietnamese asshole in the manufacturing industry in America. They practically dominate it. If any of them become lead person in the assembly line they would keep their own kind and talk bad of the one’s not their own to get rid of them. You know they talk bad things about you when they start yapping in their own language as if you don’t know. Yes, they are totally rude to the core. They wave around that stupid red and yellow flag that no longer represents a country. If John F. Kennedy hadn’t been assassinated these fuckers would never be here in America cause JFK didn’t want to deal with the Vietnam conflict. LBJ was the prick who got these asshole’s over here. Vietnamese are Chinese descendants.

  57. I must say, its a developing country, it will take awhile before it could fully transform into a civilized decent culture. Hang on people, we’re getting there, got to work together for a better future.

  58. Being colonized by the French was the best thing that ever happened to them, but their burning jealousy kicked them out.

  59. Oh yes, no class, nothing careful, loud and pushy, at the Post Office, in the traffic, anywhere, horrendous Karaokes next door, can’t treat dogs properly so they might bark all night, babies also, no time to ask something politely, hectic nervous society that will not develop properly because of it …

  60. Hi there. I know your message is old of 7 years but I’m afraid the situation did not improve since that time. I’d like to share my experience with Vietnamese people. I live in Montreal and there’s this Asian market store in St-Michel neighborhood called Kim Phat. I would say that about 90% of the costumers and employees are Vietnamese. The way people behave in this store has absolutely nothing to do with the way that Canadians and other nationalities behave. I went in that store about 10 times and I can confirm that many Vietnamese behave like total savages. They are rude with a capital R. Very cold and shameless. They act very unfriendly and rude. Good luck to see them smiling or have happy attitudes.They have this Me First and Me only attitude. It’s always funny to see them fighting for a parking spot and parking right in the exit way to wait for someone and preventing other cars to leave lol. However that’s not the worst. What is shocking me the most about people in this store is when they are feigning to charge in me. Let me explain this. Let’s say I’m in a row in the store and there’s plenty of space to pass next from me, Vietnamese people are walking toward me expecting me to move away to let them pass. It happens to me every time I go there by many costumers. Is it because I’m white and they feel oppressed or something because of the Vietnam war?
    I asked to one of their rude cashier but she just did not answer like she did not understand what I was talking about. Then I asked: Is it a cultural thing? Then she said ”NO” right away. She perfectly knew what I was talking about. That was a ”no” with no other details. Who ”no” who means ”yes”. That’s a cultural thing. Tell me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that Vietnamese hate each others.

  61. After working in the medical field with enough Vietnamese I can say they are truly fing asholes unless they want something from you.. But even then be prepared for an argument

  62. After working in the medical field with enough Vietnamese I can say they are truly fing as holes unless they want something from you.. But even then be prepared for an argument..

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