Bing SEO

Most of the time I don’t like to discuss my SEO experiments because I like to keep them a trade secret, but this one is interesting.

Although most people focus on gaining position in Google, I have always been mystified by Bing. At least on Google, you know what you are supposed to do: Make good content, get lots of inbound links, use good html semantics, blah blah blah… On Bing, it’s always a crap shoot.

So I present to you my latest experiment: Facetime Iphone

For some reason, Bing (and rightfully Yahoo because it is powered by Bing) has given my site the #1 position, even beating out the apple site itself. This surprises me because I am no where on Google. What could it be?

  1. No one else is doing it – I guess no one is competing for those keywords?
  2. Seniority – My site came out the same day the concept of the “Facetime iPhone” became public, so I am well aged compared to others in my space. Is Bing ageist?
  3. Bing ads – I bought some ads on Bing to promote this site. Perhaps they are rolling out the red carpet for their paying customers?
  4. Microsoft hates Apple and rather promote a third party? – Could be =).

Anyways, this is a pretty unscientific analysis. I don’t see any thing special about this project over other projects I have. Like I said, Bing SEO is a crap shoot.

What do you think?

  • Well to be truth i dont understand bing either, I cant say that i think site age is smth that prevails. I created joomla site 2 weeks ago (and register domain at same time) optimized it (not fully finished) and its ranking number 3 on Bing for keywords, War in world, and number 8 on yahoo for same keywords.

    Nothing special done to site, meta tags, sitemap, submisions, and best thing is that site has only few links 3-4 max.

    realy i dont get what microsoft is doing there :) Any ideas? I whould like to try to compete on word War :)

    site is