Conservatives vs Iowa Supreme Court Justices over Gay Marriage

This is why I listen to NPR, and I urge everyone I know to listen as well. You just don’t normally hear amazing stories like this else where.

Anyways, this story is about how a conservative Christian group is trying to get rid of a bunch of Supreme Court Justices in Iowa because they didn’t like the fact that these judges voted to protect same-sex marriages.

It’s troubling that conservatives are always screaming “less government”, but when it comes to basic human rights like marriage, they want to impose barbaric rules on others.

I think the judges are doing the right thing by not accepting contributions to wage a counter campaign against the conservatives. I respect their desire to remain neutral and free from the grips of lobbyist.

That is why I am writing this blog, to help raise awareness for their cause.

Gay-Marriage Critics Try To Oust Iowa Justices

Disclaimer: Other than this story, I do not know anything about these judges. I challenge you to do your own research before voting for or against them. The point of my blog entry is to simply say that I believe it is wrong for conservative groups to bend the constitution as they see fit and violate civil rights when convenient.

  • shellbell

    Im from Iowa, and im for same-sex marriage.

    i mean, why not? We’re all human, right?

    If someone can marry an object (seriously), then why not the same sex?
    Go iowa!

  • Newsmild

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  • Anonymous

    The issue I have with judges enacting laws is that it’s not their job. Their job is to interpret and apply the laws. Our representatives (representing the will of the people) pass laws. Once we start deferring to judges to make laws we live in an oligarchy. What if a state passes a bill allowing same-sex marriage, but then conservative judges overturn it based on some misguided interpretation of state constitutional law? It’s a two-way street.

    I don’t have a problem with same sex unions. I do have a problem with judges using their personal biases to create laws that goes against the will of the people. Many Blue states like my state (CT) passed same-sex marriage, while Red states typically don’t have it, because the majority of its citizens are opposed to gay marriage – though many support civil unions – a subtle distinction.

  • dinh le

    well said …not ?

    good luck brother