Conservatives vs Iowa Supreme Court Justices over Gay Marriage

This is why I listen to NPR, and I urge everyone I know to listen as well. You just don’t normally hear amazing stories like this else where.

Anyways, this story is about how a conservative Christian group is trying to get rid of a bunch of Supreme Court Justices in Iowa because they didn’t like the fact that these judges voted to protect same-sex marriages.

It’s troubling that conservatives are always screaming “less government”, but when it comes to basic human rights like marriage, they want to impose barbaric rules on others.

I think the judges are doing the right thing by not accepting contributions to wage a counter campaign against the conservatives. I respect their desire to remain neutral and free from the grips of lobbyist.

That is why I am writing this blog, to help raise awareness for their cause.

Gay-Marriage Critics Try To Oust Iowa Justices

Disclaimer: Other than this story, I do not know anything about these judges. I challenge you to do your own research before voting for or against them. The point of my blog entry is to simply say that I believe it is wrong for conservative groups to bend the constitution as they see fit and violate civil rights when convenient.