SEO: 6 days to Yahoo/Bing front page

Update: changed domain to

It has only been six days since I started Today I found it 4th place on the first page for Yahoo for “small business accounting software”.

Yes it’s a long tail keyword, but its still a very highly competitive keyword. So how is it possible that Yahoo and Bing ranked me so quickly? Here a couple of theories

Note: Some of you may guess that it’s because of my search history, but I doubt it is. I empty and cleared my cache, and I am also tethering on my phone, so I doubt that I am getting a consistent IP for them to track me with. Unless they have some other type of magical tracking tool I am not aware of.

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools – I am experimenting with their webmaster tools. I just added to the list yesterday. Could the tool really be that effective?
  2. .BIZ TLD Favoritism – This is my first, test, .biz TLD domain name. Is it not a coincidence?
  3. Trial Period? My site got ranked 1st place for a couple of days, then disappeared from their listing. Maybe that’s what they do. Give you a premium spot and see how good your CTR is, then use that in your ranking. This idea seems farfetched, so I wouldn’t bet on it.
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