Larry Mendte is an idiot

Having just heard a speech about sanity, I really shouldn’t be calling anyone an idiot. But I can’t help it. Larry Mendte is a f**king idiot.

My wife has this rather annoying habit of tuning to the local Sacramento news station, Fox40News, before going to bed. Ok… I know that this is not the dreaded “FoxNews”, and they are just reporting on local news, but just being part of the Fox Network, I swear you can smell the bullshit waffling all the way down to here. One example of that turd is Larry Mendte.

Larry Mendte is not a news anchor, but he does these cameo appearances where he spoons shit from his ass straight into his mouth.

Now I have to admit. The first time I saw Mendte on TV, I didn’t think he was that bad. I believe he was doing a piece on outrages political campaigns, or something like that, and I thought he did a decent job highlighting the absurdity of both sides. But after seeing more of this guy, I am solidly disgusted by the crap he spews.

Example: He has done two segments on how he supports torture for the sake of “national security”. And last night he talked about how its ok for the TSA to see us naked and grope us because it’s protecting us against terrorists.

I think he said something like, if it weren’t for the TSA, they would have never caught the “shoe bomber” and the “underwear bomber”. Right Larry…. Those plots were foiled by the TSA. That’s why those terrorists never made in the plane… oh wait….

I can agree to disagree that going after the TSA is an inefficient use of our time and energy, but telling me that we should give up our liberty for the sake political theatre is hogwash and deserves to be ridiculed.

Mendte’s cameo is an opinion piece. Now, this is mine. Less Mendte, more local news.

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