San Francisco Proposition H

Today on NPR they were talking about Prop H, a “where should kids go to school” initiative in SF.

It reminded me of the time when I was looking for a roommate in Davis on craigslist. An old Vietnamese man responded and came to visit my place. He told me he owns a house in Sacramento, but he wanted to rent a place here so he can have the address to send his daughter to school in Davis.

This is why Asians do so well. We go out of our way to make sure our kids have the best. (Not because of that Tiger mom stuff)

I think it is a crime against intelligence to prevent good students from going to good schools. As I hear it, and experienced, when you are in class with bad kids, it greatly affects you because the bad students create distractions that affects your learning.

Bad kids are usually a direct result of bad parenting. So unless we can some how make people better parents, we should not force good students to go to bad schools.