Racism and bigotry in America

I often wonder why in this age of globalization, there are still so many instances of racism and bigotry in American society. And I am not talking about prejudice or stereotypes, I don’t think humanity will ever outgrow those problems, I am specifically talking about hate towards another human being just because of their skin color, or sexual preference, and not for any other reason.

After watching an episode of “Cold Case”, it occurred to me that perhaps the reason that hate is still prevalent in our society is simply because many of the people who were taught hatred as a child, are still alive today.

People who grew up during, and before, the civil rights era, are still here living among us. Whatever hatred they were taught, or witnessed in their lifetime, still lingers with them, and eventually with all of us, to this day.

I see hope in our future though. Although there are still plenty of bigoted and racist people, I don’t believe that as much hatred is being taught today as before.

However, if there is one place swimming against the current of progress, it’s Fox News and the ultra-conservative mouth-pieces like Limbaugh.