How long does it take the IRS to cash my check?

If you ever wondered this. The answer is ONE day.

Thursday – sent check at noon
Friday – check arrived and cashed
Saturday – check clears bank

I am amazed at the speediness of this operation.

This is one area of government that is functioning like a well oiled machined. The USPS for delivering the mail in a speedy manner, and the IRS for processing the mail.

I am glad my tax payments cleared so quickly. It calms my nerves a bit knowing my obligations are taken cared of.

  • Bobo

    That’s not true i have sent my payment to IRS on 14th they still haven’t cleared it. The state is not cleared as well but then again according to USPS they still haven’t picked up the mail yet.
    I think it differs from state to state and depends on how much workload they have.