Bad Calls: Sports and Politics

I’ve been watching a lot of sports lately because I am part of a fantasy football league, the Giants are in the championship, and Jeremy Lin.

The similarities that I notice between sports and politics is that even when we have the tools and technology necessary to prevent bad officiating, the governing bodies refuse to use it.

In sports, cameras can fly across the football field on wires, capture in slow motion a 100mph pitch, and zoom into the sweat rolling down a basketball player’s face. Yet, even as viewers at home can clearly see a missed call, the rules in sports is to allow the officials, who are mere mortals, have the last say.

This makes watching sports almost unbearable. The integrity of a game is compromised, and the outcome is a joke.

The same happens in politics.

While we have footages, audio recordings, and databases of information to easily prove without a doubt when a politician lies — we never use it to any real capacity.

What’s even worse is when politicians write laws and make policies that directly violate known facts, we still allow it.

Too lazy to complete my thought. But there.